URL Shortener

Forget the long web addresses (URLs) that no one can remember and that are scary to click on. Create links that are short, easy to remember, and can be used anywhere.

Why use short URLs from Shorlin?

  • More clicks

    Short links simply look more click-friendly and are clicked on more often – this applies especially to informative links.

  • More revenue

    The more people engage with a link and click on it, the more revenue is generated.

  • More protection

    No one can see the destination address behind a "short" URL, so it is effectively hidden behind the short URL.

  • More control

    The destination address (URL) of a short link can be changed at any time without changing the original short URL.

Make more clicks and sales

Internet users are often afraid to click on long URLs. The longer the URL, the more data it can hold, and the more data can be collected by interacting with the link. More and more Internet users look at links before they click on them. Short links look friendlier and are clicked more frequently than long ones.

Prevent link truncation

Long URLs are often truncated on websites or in emails. If you shorten them, they will remain intact even if everything else around them is shortened. Stay on the safe side, make your links immune to unpredictable truncation.

Protect destination URL

If it's important to you to protect the destination URL, you should use a URL shortener that hides the destination URL behind a redirect. Effectively protect your sponsored or affiliate links from manipulation by shortening them and earn more money.

Strengthen your branding

Links can actually improve or worsen branding. If your target audience doesn't trust your links, it will have a negative impact on your branding. Ideally, you should combine short URLs with your own brand domain, which is possible with Shorlin for Pro users.

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