Stats & Analytics

Shorlin collects statistical data on clicks, conversions, and costs. Our tracking solution is designed for professionals who want to know all the numbers about every single link, click, and sale. Knowing the numbers can help you make better marketing decisions and increase your sales.

What you get with Shorlin's stats:

  • Click counter

    Find out how many clicks a link gets and reset the counter if you want to start counting from the beginning.

  • Conversion tracking

    Track every conversion you want: product sales, newsletter signups, visits to a website, to optimize your marketing.

  • ROI calculation

    Only a small percentage of marketers know their ROI. Without knowing this number, you can't run a profitable business.

  • Target device insights

    It can be beneficial to know what devices your target audience is using when they click on your links.

  • Target audience insights

    For more business, you need to know who your target audience is, what country they are in, what devices they use and how they behave.

Link performance

Find out how well your links are performing. For example, place 3 links on three different websites and count the clicks over a period of time. When the test is over, compare which site resulted in more clicks on a link. Traffic optimization couldn't be simpler!

Conversion tracking

Track all types of conversions to determine the performance and profitability of a traffic method. When you track sales, you can assign an individual revenue value to each conversion, which will later help you properly determine the return on investment (ROI) for a link or campaign.

Target devices

Knowing what devices your audience uses when they click on your links can give you important information about your audience and how to improve your campaigns and websites. The best marketers do just that, why can't you?

Target group behavior

Find out how your target audience behaves when they click on your links: At what time is your audience most active? In which countries are most of your users active? With our tracking links, you know your target audience inside and out.

100% privacy protection

We respect the privacy of our users and everyone who engages with our service. We do not store personal data such as IP addresses, nor do we link data to specific users. We only collect anonymized statistical data about clicks and conversions and present them in the form of tables, summaries, and charts to our professional users.

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