Professional Features

Shorlin's professional features are intended for anyone who wants to use Shorlin commercially, and especially for marketing purposes. We have implemented all the necessary features you need to create profitable and successful advertising campaigns.

Some highlight of the professional Shorlin features:

  • Detailed statistics

    All data collected from clicks and actions are presented clearly, cleanly and seamlessly in tables, summaries, and graphs.

  • Health check

    Broken links not only cause interrupted traffic, but also loss of revenue. The health check for links finds broken links and notifies you about the findings.

  • Custom domains

    If you want, you can link Shorlin to your own domain and everyone who clicks on the links will see the custom domain name and not the one from Shorlin.

  • Custom links

    Shorlin's default links are short, but have no informative meaning. If necessary, a descriptive, informative name (slug) such as "buy-xyz" can be specified for each link.

  • Links with expiration date

    Every experienced marketer uses limited-time special offers to sell more. With Shorlin, you can create links that have an expiration date and have the same effect.

  • Marketing campaigns

    Any number of links can be combined into a campaign. Later you can see the statistics not only for each link, but also summarized for the campaign.

  • API

    With our API it is possible to automate almost all tasks that can be managed in the user account, especially link and campaign management and access to reports.

Numbers are facts

It's important to know all the numbers to make better marketing decisions, as any good marketer knows. Shorlin's Pro features include comprehensive statistical and analytical data that is easy to understand and follow.

Full customization

Customization is especially important for professional users, who are usually marketers or company owners. In this case, it is possible to match all links with the brand domain so that the links are familiar to the clicking users.

Improve online marketing

Most Pro features are designed for marketers and help achieve the ultimate goal to earn more money. They not only make marketing more effective, but also create the foundation for professional marketing, which requires a professional tool like Shorlin.

Advanced reporting

For Pro's we have developed special functions that ensure that all links work and the user is informed about all critical events. Such a service ensures fewer technical problems and a better night's sleep.

Automation through API

One of the most exciting features is Shorin's API. This powerful tool makes it possible, for example, to create or manage links or campaigns or generate tracking URLs on the fly. It can be integrated into both web and mobile apps to connect the app with Shorlin.

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