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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you can find the most frequently asked questions from our users and customers. If you miss a question, you can send it by email to [email protected]. We will post it here if it is relevant and helpful to others.

Why is Shorlin better than other URL shorteners? Shorlin focuses on the more sophisticated users. Our solution is not just a classic URL shortener. We have much more features built in and our ideal users are those who really want to know how well their links are performing and who value quality links, not quantity.
Who is Shorlin made for? Shorlin is made for anyone who shares links on the Internet. Whether you are a regular user who wants to recommend a link to your audience on Twitter, or a brand owner who offers products or services and wants to use the link for marketing purposes.
What is a URL? A URL is a web address that begins with http:// or https:// and leads to a web page when accessed.
What is a Smart Link? Smart Links are links created with Shorlin that serve a multifunctional purpose. On the one hand, they mask a destination URL and track all interactions, on the other hand, they not only decide whether a destination is reachable and is live, but also fall back to an alternative URL or show an error to the user who clicked on the link.
What is the difference between a URL and a link? A URL is the complete address to a web resource, beginning with a http:// or https://. On web pages, a link is a text that is clickable and leads to another web page. Shorlin treats both terms as synonyms.
How does Shorlin shorten the URLs? In case of a shortening, Shorlin creates a separate URL, which leads to the original URL via a redirect. As far as the loading time of the website is concerned, there are no relevant disadvantages for the user.
How does the health check work for links? The Pro users of Shorlin enjoy the advantage that their links are monitored 24/7 in terms of functionality. At regular intervals, the system checks whether a link is accessible on the Internet, whether the SSL certificate of the target page is valid, and whether the target page outputs the correct HTTP code (HTTP Status Code). If there are any problems, the user is immediately informed by email and can check and fix the problem.
Are the generated URLs secure? Yes, each URL created by Shorlin leads to the destination page via a secure connection. If the destination address does not support a secure connection, the security is removed once a user is redirected from Shorlin to the destination page.
Can I create a custom URL? Custom URLs can only be created by Pro users. Free users can only use links that are automatically generated for them and cannot be changed.
Do I need a website or domain? No. We provide our domain free of charge to all users to create the links. However, professional users can also use their own domains when creating the links.
Why do I need to create an account? We want and need to know who is using our service. Unfortunately, the classic URL shorteners have made the big mistake of offering the free service to "everyone", with the risk that their service will be exploited for improper or criminal use. We want to build and maintain a high reputation, so we need to know our users.
Do I need to enter a credit card when registering? No, a credit card is not required. Only an active email address is needed, which is finally used to confirm the registration.
What will my email address be used for? The email address is used to confirm the registration. Also, all messages concerning the user account will be sent to the address. The email address is also used to log in to the account. The login PIN will be sent to this address.
Can I create a free account? Yes. In the basic version, Shorlin is absolutely free and already offers users all the features needed for non-professional use. If you require more features, you can upgrade to the Pro plan.
Do I have to buy the Pro plan? The Pro plan is optional and is intended for professional users. Especially if you have commercial objectives, the Pro plan will earn you far more than the plan costs per month. Our data shows us that Pro users make significantly more money with our service than they pay for the Pro plan.
Can I cancel at any time? The Pro plan can be canceled at any time. If you use the free plan, you don't have to cancel anything, you can close your account if you no longer need it, just send a short email to the support.
Do you collect user data? Since we adhere to strict data protection regulations in Europe, we do not collect any data without users' consent. We do collect non-personal, fully anonymized general statistical data about the clicks on the links. For our registered users and customers, the privacy policy on this page applies.
What about data protection in terms of user clicks? As a European company, we adhere to the strict data protection regulations in Europe, namely the GDPR. When someone clicks on a Shorlin link, we do not store the IP address nor do we link data to the specific user. We only collect fully anonymized, general statistical data so that our users and customers can view basic and advanced statistics for their links and campaigns on the Shorlin Dashboard.
Do I get an invoice for my purchase? For each payment we receive from you, we will issue a proper invoice, regardless of whether the invoice is for a private person or a company. Please note that we are a German company and therefore invoice according to German law.
Do you offer an affiliate program? We offer an affiliate program with our current payment provider Digistore24. You need to create a free affiliate account with Digistore24 and apply for our program to earn money as an affiliate. You can find all details about our affiliate program on this page.
How much is the commission for the affiliate program? We can offer a 25% lifetime commission on the Pro plan. It is a recurring commission paid every month as long as the user is a Pro user and pays for their Pro plan.
How much can I earn with the affiliate program? If the plan costs $9.95/mo and you earn a commission of about $1.50 per user per month after all fees, and you recruit 100 paying users, you will earn a recurring commission of over $150 per month. That's a completely passive, lifetime income for you that can grow daily. In addition, we will give you a 25% share of all future products.
Why is my link suspended? When a link is suspended, it is disabled and cannot be used for its intended purpose. The cause is a violation of our terms of use. In case of minor violations we block a particular link, in case of serious violations we can even suspend the user's account.
How can I delete my user account? For security reasons, an account can only be deleted via support after a review. Just tell us the request for deletion and we will immediately take all necessary steps.
Is the API free of charge? After you sign up for the Pro plan, you will find your API credentials in your account. The API is only included in the Pro plan, free users do not have access to this feature.
Are there any restrictions regarding the API? There is only one limitation for the API: 60 requests per hour. Our API is intended for professional users who want to automate the most important tasks without putting too much load on the Shorlin system. The API is not intended for users who want to use the API extensively or resell our resources.
Can I receive more API requests? Yes, but this requires a separate API plan that comes with additional monthly fees. If you want to increase the maximum number of API requests, email support and tell us the number of requests you need for the API so we can give you a custom quote.
Is there any documentation for the API? Yes, in the user account, in addition to your credentials, you will find the full documentation for the API, including sample codes and a list of all available API commands and functions.

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