Online Marketing

Shorlin has a strong focus on online marketing solutions, developed by marketers who know what it takes to market effectively online. With Shorlin, marketers are able to increase their revenues through effective use.

How can you use Shorlin as a online marketing tool?

  • Track links in guest posts

    Guest posts are a very popular method for online advertising. Combining this advertising strategy with Shorlin and tracking all links in guest posts, you will know which guest posts work better and why.

  • Track links in email signature

    Only a few email marketers use a signature in their emails – a big mistake! The signature can indicate new or interesting products and all clicks can be tracked by Shorlin.

  • Track links in social media

    When using links on social media, you often don't even know how many people clicked on a link in the post. With Shorlin, you have comprehensive statistics for each link.

  • Tracking of actions or sales

    With Shorlin you can track simple actions like newsletter subscriptions, but also sales. The collected statistical data can be viewed in the dashboard at any time.

  • Protect advertising and affiliate links

    More and more Internet users know what advertising and affiliate links are and try to bypass them to begrudge affiliate commissions. A link created with Shorlin cannot be manipulated or bypassed.

  • Calculating the return on investments (ROI)

    When tracking sales, you will automatically be able to calculate the ROI for each link. This way, you will know which promotion or product generates the most revenue.

Affiliate marketing

Shorlin is a great tool for all affiliate marketers. Already in the free version, Shorlin offers an affiliate the possibility to count the clicks on each link. You can mask each of your affiliate links with Shorlin and keep track of which links work best and bring more traffic.

Social media marketing

All social media platforms allow the use of links. In this case, Shorlin's tracking links can also be used. By using Shorlin on your social media channels, you can collect important statistical data about your target audience and improve your marketing.

Blog marketing

Bloggers use numerous strategies for marketing. They often use affiliate or sponsored links on their blogs and outside their websites. Shorlin also helps this marketing group earn more money by making their links shorter, more engaging and measurable.

Email marketing

Most email marketing tools are very limited when it comes to tracking of clicks. Shorlin can be of great help here as well. Before embedding links in your emails, create them on Shorlin and you will be able to collect very important behavioral data about your recipients.

PPC marketing

There are hundreds of advertising platforms based on PPC. This involves paying money for clicks on the ads. In this case, it is extremely critical to evaluate the costs and revenues. Shorlin Pro does all this for you automatically. One look at the Shorlin's Dashboard and you will know whether an advertising campaign is profitable or not.

Offline marketing

Since Shorlin links can be very short, they can be easily used for classic offline advertising. An average Shorlin URL is half as short as the shortest profile URL on Facebook. Short links are easier to remember and type.

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